Holy Rood House

Time and Space for You as a group


We welcome many different kinds of groups, large and small, residential and non-residential. Thorpe House next door to Holy Rood House, provides the ideal venue for training, conference and meeting rooms.

We work with you to find the right space and the right costs for your group.

What kind of groups come to Holy Rood House and Thorpe House?

Charities and church groups

Health Agencies

Industrial and Commercial groups

Complementary Healing groups e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi

Local businesses

All are welcome…

What are our charges?

                    We are always pleased to respond to the various circumstances of each group, particularly in                     support of charities and churches, and we discuss with you what you are wanting in relation                     to space, menus, resources and dates.

                    Generally our charge for coffee & home-made biscuits, lunch, tea & home-made cake                         amounts to between £15-£20 per person depending on the kind of lunch chosen.  

In addition, there is a further charge for the cost of the rooms required.

                    We respond to dietary requests made clear on the booking form.

Thorpe House, next door to Holy Rood House, provides excellent conference and training facilities, with several break out rooms, a library and a creative arts centre. Often groups will be able to have exclusive use of these facilities. For residential groups using both houses, Thorpe House is used for the main work of the day, whilst Holy Rood House provides a ‘crash out’ space, to relax and process all the day has held.


Holy Rood House and Thorpe House work well together for residential groups. Holy Rood House sleeps up to 22 people in mainly single rooms. There are several en-suites, and each room has its own wash-basin, and views across the Hambledon Hills or the gardens. Our usual charge for full board per person from Friday tea until any time after lunch on Sunday for the use of both houses is between £160-£180 depending on the group. Charities and Churches may require the lower rate.


Holy Rood House is able to offer a variety of resources through our highly trained and experienced staff. We can provide retreat leaders, trainers in many areas of health, well-being and counselling, facilitators and mediators. On average our charges are £50-£60 for each session (morning, afternoon or evening). We are very happy to discuss with you the costs of these resources in order to meet the specific requirements of your group.

OTHER RESOURCES (all included)

Wi-fi, Power-point, Overhead, DVD, Flip Charts & pens, Gallery space, Library, Labyrinth, Loop, Chapel, Creative art room., Ramps, Access facilities.

Contact: enquiries@holyroodhouse.org.uk or Tel: 01845 522580