Holy Rood House

Theological reflection and research into hymnody and healing

- For theologians and biblical scholars, hymn writers and musicians, and people who just love singing hymns!

- sharing stories to explore the power of hymns and songs in our lives reflecting on the theology and    imagery used in hymns and songs

- exploring the relationship between words and music creating new words and music for worship, potentially    leading to publication.

Hymns for Healing is a pioneering, unique project, springing out of the connections made between the therapeutic and theological work of Holy Rood House. The project has been funded by The Pratt Green Trust ( www.prattgreentrust.org.uk )and comes under the auspices of the Centre for the Study of Theology and Health and the leadership of Rev’d Jan Berry, previously a Director of CSTH.

Those involved in the project have been working

hard in their explorations, writing and composing

since 2010.

We celebrate the publication of this very important

book at our Annual Hildegard Lecture weekend 22-24th

September.  Please click here for leaflet.   Rev’d Jan

Berry will be exploring with us some of the ways in

which brokenness and healing were raised during the

Hymns for Healing project, and how they have found

creative expression in original writing and composition.

This hymn of welcome was written for

Holy Rood House by Rev’d Jan Berry and

published in ‘Naming God’.

Tune Bard of Armagh.

We reach for a welcome that beckons us homeward,

crossing the threshold to find safer space;

a place we can turn to in hurt and rejection,

where tender compassion bears witness to grace.

We rest in a love that can offer us healing,

care for the aching and comfort for pain;

a gentle embrace of our wounds and our rawness,

protecting fragility through suffering and strain.

We work for a vision that holds us together,

built on the depths of the faith that we share;

through tension and giving, in silence and speaking,

our tangle of living is woven in prayer.

We long for a wisdom that answers our searching,

the questions and protests and agonised cries;

the glimpses of glory through anger and doubting,

the mystery of holiness clouding our eyes.

We sing of a hope that is flourishing in us,

shaping our lives into all they might be;

delighting in art and in music  and laughter,

the God of creation in joy sets us free.

Time and Space to Create Hymns for Healing