Holy Rood House

Time and space for your spiritual journey

Holy Rood House provides creative, safe space for Spiritual Accompaniment, retreat and healing liturgies.

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I came in despair and anguish and utter pain. You held my story and placed me in a room of Peace,          offering me sanctuary and space to begin to find the healing I needed.

         I discovered a gentle God and the love and acceptance needed in the care given to me


Rediscovery – prayer, paint, rhythm, rest, music, love-OF SELF IN GOD

Whilst no religious obligation or expectation is laid upon guests we find that many people take advantage of the open and inclusive space of community to explore their own inner journey. This is often just a natural part of the holistic experience of finding well-being.

I have got back in touch with my soul here

We offer a broad approach to Spiritual Direction and trained spiritual directors are available to be alongside our guests, along with the skills and wisdom of other members of the community.  We find our guests appreciate a holistic approach to spiritual journeying.

Thanks for providing a sacred space and for helping me to re-connect..

We also provide resources for personal retreat or study with study bedrooms, a broad contemporary library of spiritual, devotional, theological and therapeutic books. We are able to work with you to help find bursaries to support costs.

Services for healing take place from time to time as well as our weekly Eucharist at which prayers for healing are offered for those for whom it may be appropriate. We have a gentle and sensitive approach, which is empowering and re-assuring, creating our own liturgies, as well as using liturgies from different traditions.

        Like the snowdrops – I’m fragile…Here I met a gentle God – that is all I can take…Thank you for               allowing me to share my innermost fears: you became a gentle ‘touching place’.

The Community lives within a daily rhythm of prayer, including our Thursday Prayers for Justice and Peace and our Thursday evening Eucharist and prayers for healing.