Holy Rood House

Retreat… retreat yourself

NullaHoming in

To make your stay comfortable we place an emphasis on ‘home’.

Away from home for whatever reason, we want you to ‘feel at home’ during your visit.

A home of real nourishment at every level

‘              a house of warmth, friendship, support and               cosseting. It is like coming home.

For those staying overnight your bedroom has been chosen and prepared with care. Fresh flowers  and a view of the hills or gardens greet you. You tell us what suits you best and we do our best in response. All rooms have their own wash-basins and showers and baths are available on each floor. En-suites also include one with a walk-in bath and shower.

A room of my own, a table, a lamp, a window, a view

Yellow flowers, pink hot-water bottle and a window without  locks I can reach to open, simple things but they say a lot.   

Spaces and places

Small sitting rooms and a chapel for those quite moments to yourself and a comfortable lounge to be with others.

The library and art room are there for your use and the gardens welcome you.

The swimming-pool 2 minutes walk over the field opposite, the cinema round the corner, the Herriot Centre, local churches, the many quaint pubs and tea-shops and the myriad of charity shops just 5 minutes away, are among the many places our guests frequent.

Space – where my only responsibility was TO BE’

Can I bring my dog? Yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome to your room! The river walks opposite are ideal for many reasons!

The House is so open, friendly and peaceful…a true

brief encounter…I will come back to drink at the well –             might even get a cloudburst!

Today by opening your home, your hearts and allowing           this brief respite, you saved a soul – and a family…

Bring your group on retreat or for training purposes

We are delighted to welcome groups and are pleased to see them making themselves at home.

Groups enjoy using both houses. Holy Rood House to relax in and Juliet House to get the work done!

We have found that the movement from one house to the other is beneficial, creating a unique use of space enabling groups to work creatively.

      I have found that the buildings of       Holy Rood House and Juliet House       have each had their part to play,       Holy Rood House is where we sleep,       eat, read, write and chat and gather       in prayer. Juliet House, is where       we go to take time out in the art       room, to listen and to learn and to         to make use of the library...

We have a variety of resources to offer groups, such as trainers, retreat guides, complementary therapies and creative arts.

Follow through this web-site for more information on the breadth of our facilities and surroundings.

      a wonderful few days of               care and nurture…

      a feeling of belonging         immediately you set foot into Holy         Rood…

      This place is a comma in our very          busy lives which allows us to stop,         draw breath and see each other as        whole people…

Time and space for you and your group