Holy Rood House

Time and Space for You in the Gardens

Come with us through the gateway into the gardens of Holy Rood House and Juliet House and you will be pleasantly surprised at the vast open spaces as well as the small hideaway places.

The orchard houses not only fruit trees but also Freya and Meg, our goats. Of particular interest and well worth seeking out is the hidden quiet garden where numerous plants of interest jostle for attention and, of course, the peace of the Chapel of Sophia (wisdom) where many come for quiet reflection within its ivy covered walls and we can watch the wild birds as they come to the bird table.

We have learnt so much about life’s journey through our relationships with the animals and the wildlife, as we discover affection, dependence and interdependence, gentleness, beauty, and the satisfied feeling following hard work in caring for them. Children living with illness have found friendship and affection, those living in fear of people have broken down some of the barriers of communication by responding to the animals, and people who have not laughed for some time have found themselves laughing again. We enjoy our links with the local community too, as so many come to share the animals with us, school groups, play groups and Sunday schools. We take seriously the issues of loss following the death of a pet.  Bereavement counselling is available as well as training in this area for those working in veterinary surgeries who so often find themselves with grieving owners of pets or livestock. The animals and birds enrich our lives and the lives of our visitors, and we are pleased that you can share these joys with us.

Next door at Juliet House a more traditional style of garden invites ideas for new planting and development and some guests and volunteers, have been hard at work.  Please contact the office if you would like to help look after the garden. We are dependent on volunteers.

Holy Rood House is a member of the Quiet Garden Trust http://quietgarden.org/

Please click here to read about our Hildegard Project

I came to Holy Rood House not knowing what to expect, uncertain of what I would find, I found

beautiful gardens of herbs and flowers, with gorgeous scents when touched, a quiet peaceful              atmosphere…

I have found freedom, fun and laughter here.

I have begun to rediscover my creativity

I have connected with the earth by digging the garden.

I have felt the wind on my face as I cycled on a beautiful Spring morning