Holy Rood House

Time and space for you

Welcome to Holy Rood House …

a centre, a home and a community…

Thank you all for making my visit such a warm            friendly and deeply caring experience

This web-site will guide you across the threshold so you can see who we are and what we do.

Throughout the site we have included quotes from our guest books in the bedrooms.

Hospitality lies at the heart of all we are and do.

We are here for you, and for many at a time of need.

As well as professional, therapeutic support, or programmed events, our door is open for rest and relaxation, care for carers, spiritual retreat and accompaniment, training, study and sabbaticals or for a holiday. You are welcome to phone us and discuss your requirements, and we can talk you through some of the changes we’ve had to make in the light of COVID-19.

Holy Rood House is a charity with a gentle Christian ethos, providing safer space for those of us who are finding life unsafe. Since 1993 we have been pleased to welcome all kinds of people, of all ages, for all kinds of reasons from across Britain. We have found that once people know the right place for them – they are prepared to travel.

Space – for the possibility of seeing things              from a different perspective

Do come and visit us when it is possible to do so according to our present arrangements.

Holy Rood House,

Centre for Health and Pastoral Care,

10 Sowerby Road, Thirsk, N. Yorkshire. YO7 1HX

tel: 01845 522580

email: enquiries@holyroodhouse.org.uk

In partnership with The Guild of Health and St Raphael

URL: http://www.gohealth.org.uk/

registered limited company: 4647338

registered charity: 1099836

The Place to Turn To’ for:-

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Arts  therapies

Complementary therapies

Stress management & relaxation

Pastoral care



Spiritual accompaniment 

Mediation and conflict resolution

Creative arts, painting, crafts, pottery,            weaving, music…

Conference & Training facilities

Meeting venue

We offer a wide range of Events in           support of the above.

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View from this window

Flowers on the table

Thoughtful signs

Of gracious hospitality

Thank you.

Welcome to Holy Rood House

Centre for Health and Pastoral Care             


A Safe Space


Sunshine streams through windows.

Lovely light offers a promise of things to come.  

Trees, leafless still, speak of the season outside.

Birds busy themselves flying to and fro

Intent on preparation for their nests,

They sing as they go, urgently signalling danger.

Traffic slips by leaving its echo.

House sounds. Kitchen clatter and song,

Bedroom doors banging on distant landings,

Front door signalling comings and goings,

Footsteps tread the stairs.

The business of the day.

In a far away room a voice gently confesses

The pain and anguish of a life.

A heart broken, a soul shattered,

Calm acceptance of truth and torment.

Grace and mercy, tenderness and love offered.

Comfort received and spirit restored.

Jan Younger




Contact enquiries@holyroodhouse.org.uk for details.


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